Midland Tribune Advertising Rates

The largest circulation in the County Offaly and North Tipperary

Midland Tribune
The Alpha Newspaper Group
Affiliation: Tullamore Tribune
Main Street, Birr, Co Offaly.
Tel: 057 9120003.
Fax: 057 9120588.
Email: advertising@midlandtribune.ie, advertisingmanager@midlandtribune.ie
Web Site: www.irelandnet.ie
Frequency: Weekly - Wednesday, dated Wednesday
Format: Broadsheet
Cover Price: €2.10
Rate Effective Date: 1 January 2008

Mechanical Data: Full Page 520 x 340mm, Half Page 250 x 340mm, CPS 520
x 710mm. No of Cols 8. 1 Col 39mm, 2 Cols 82mm, 3 Cols 125mm, 4 Cols
168mm, 5 Cols 211mm, 6 Cols 254mm, 7 Cols 297mm, 8 Cols 340mm. Col
Depth 520mm. Copy via ISDN, Email or disk in PDF or EPS file format.
B/W Screen 100.

Copy Requirements: Monday 4pm.
Cancellation Requirements: Monday 2 p.m. Mono, 12 noon Colour. Late cancellation fee may apply.
Circulation: 10,401 (ABC Jan-Jun 07)
Key Contacts: Advertising Manager: Phyllis Byrne; Editor: John

All advertisements are accepted subject to the following conditions
The right to decline any copy or artwork without giving any reason is reserved.
No responsibility is accepted for damage to or loss of artwork.
Copy or artwork via ISDN, E-mail or Disk must be in pdf or eps file format and must be pre-booked with Advertising Dept., telephone 05791 20003, to ensure an allocated time of receipt, by latest 12.00 noon Tuesday. The publisher shall not accept liability for any variation in the reproduction of colours. Unbooked ISDN/E-mail communications may not be accepted.
The publisher shall not be liable for any loss or damage occasioned by any total or partial failure (however caused) of publication or distribution of any newspaper or edition in which any advertisement is scheduled to appear.
In the event of any error, misprint or omission in the printing of an advertisement or part of an advertisement the publisher will either re-insert the advertisement or relevant part of the advertisement as the case may be or make a reasonable refund or adjustment to the cost. No re-insertion, refund or adjustment will be made where the error, misprint or omission does not materially detract from the advertisement. In no circumstances shall the total liability of the publisher for any error, misprint or omission exceed the amount of a full refund of any price paid to the publisher for the particular advertisement in connection with which liability arose or to the cost of a further or corrective advertisement of a type and standard reasonably comparable to that in connection with which liability arose.
No guarantee of special position can be given.
While every effort will be made to supply proofs, if requested, no guarantee to do so can be given.
The advertiser is responsible for ensuring that an advertisement in no way contravenes the Trade Descriptions Act 1968.