Good Discussion On Motions At Tipperary Convention

Thursday, 29 December 2016

THERE were twenty three motions put down on the Clar for the recent Tipperary County convention. It took the delegates over ninety minutes to discuss them in one of the best Conventions for some time.

Thirteen motions were passed or carried with some of them going on to Congress. Four motions were recommended and two were withdrawn with two other motions ruled out of order.

This is how they broke down.


Motions Carried

Motion 4: Borris-Ileigh put forward three motions dealing club dates and problems relating to inter county versus club. They had one carried which asked that at least 30 days notice must be giving to all clubs of the date for the start of their respective divisional and county championships.

Gerry Treacy spoke on behalf of the club outlining the problems his club had during the year where players had to deal with work practise. In response John Devane, Chairman of the Tipp CCC, and Vice Chairman of the Tipp County Board said that Tom Maher, Secretary of the Tipp CCC had always given good notice of the scheduled games. He added that the Tipp CCC had extra problems for 2017 as Tipperary were drawn in the quarter finals of every Munster championship. That reduced the number of weekends for club games. However he was agreeable with the thirty day notice.

Motion 7: Templederry Club were successful in having their motion requesting the period of time during which Inter County players not be expected to fulfil inter club championship fixtures be reduced from 13 days to 11. The Motion wanted a seventeen day period for All-Ireland finals. The motion was passed unanimously.

Noel Carey proposed the motion outlining the problems with club fixtures while Tipperary inter county teams were successful in their championship games. Jackie Maher Toomevara agreed with the Templederry motion. When nobody spoke against the motion, Chairman Michael Bourke suggested that if the motion was passed the hands of the Tipp CCC would be tied. However the motion was passed on a massive show of hands. The motion in full read.

'We propose the following amended Section 8 to the Tipperary Bye Laws 2017: 8. Inter-county Player availability to clubs Free Days: Must not exceed period specified in "An T.O." The period of time during which senior inter-county shall not be expected to fulfil inter-club championship fixtures prior to Inter-County championship games, in the same, shall be as follows: senior inter-County championships: All Ireland finals - maximum 17 days. All other games - maximum 11 days. Must not exceed period specified in "ant.o." (b) All other grades of Championship including All Ireland Minor & U21 Finals at the discretion of County Committee but not exceeding 7 days.'

Motion 8: Templederry club had the next motion also passed without objection.

'We propose the following amended Section 622 (a) of the Official Guide, Part 1 (An Treorai Oifigiúil, Cuid a hÁon) 6.22 Inter-County Players Availability to Clubs (a) The period of time during which Senior Inter-County Players shall not be expected to fulfill Inter-Club Championship Fixtures prior to Inter County Championships Games, in the same Code, shall be as follows: Senior Inter County Championships: (1) All Ireland Finals - maximum 17 days (2) All other Games - maximum 11 days All other Grades of Championship, including All Ireland Minor and Under 21 Finals - maximum 7 days. (Note: Effective from January 1st 2018 the above provision shall include "Under 20 Final") A County Bye Law may specify a lesser period in each case. Remaining parts of 6.22 remain unchanged.'

The following motions were passed without much opposition and will be put forward for Congress.

11. 'That Rule 2.1 Official Guide be amended to read as follows; Section (A) (1).Full membership, for over 17 years (i.e. shall have celebrated their 17th birthday prior to January 1st of the membership year) (11). Youth membership, for persons under 17 years and over 9 years (i.e. shall celebrate their 17th birthday on January 1st of the membership year or on a later date and shall not have celebrated their 9th birthday prior to January 1st of the membership year.' (Toomevara).

12. 'We propose to amend Rule 3.4(e) to read; Motions to remove amend or temporarily amend/set aside a rule shall be carried by a simple majority of those present and entitled to vote and voting.' (St Patricks).

19. 'Propose amendment to Appendix 5 Club Constitution and Rules which states; 7.2 The Executive Committee shall be comprised of the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary, Registrar, Officer for Irish Language and Culture, Public Relations Officer, Children's Officer, one Players' Representative, and at least five other Full Members. Amend as follows: 7.2 The Executive Committee shall be comprised of the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary, Registrar, Officer for Irish Language and Culture, Public Relations Officer, Children's Officer, a minimum of three Players' Representative, and at least five other Full Members. Players representatives must be current playing members. Typically club committees should comprise two Playing representatives per adult code played.' (Gortnahoe Glengoole)

22. '(A) That rule 6.17 - Age Grades - Official Guide part 1 be amended as it relates to the under-21 hurling Grade and read as follows: Under-20 Inter County football - be Under 20 years and over 18 years. Under 20 inter county hurling be Under 20 years and over 18 years. Club Under 21 years and over 16 years. This motion proposes no other changes to this motion.

'(B) Add a new rule "Inter County Under 20 hurling and football championships. A player who is on a team list submitted to a Referee for an Inter County Senior hurling or football Championship game at any stage of the current championship year is ineligible to participate in the inter county Under 20 Championship.

'(C) Amend rule 3.5 , rules of Specification Official Guide Part 2 (Page 12-13) by inclusion of "Inter County Under 20 Championship in which there shall be no replays, with teams level after extra time decided the game on the outcome of a sudden-death free taking competition, the details of which shall be determined by the Central council. (Motion effective from January 1st 2018).' (Kilsheelan -Kilcash).

23. 'That regulation (4c) be amended as follows. Any divisional Committe which fails to meet the dates of any relevant championship competition as set out by County CCC shall nominate a team to represent that Division. Failure to do so shall mean no representative from that Division in the County series in that particular competition.' (Co Management Committe)


Other Motions That Were Passed On The Night

15. 'Following a Review of the County Tipperary Byelaws and Regulations we propose the following amendments to accommodate changes in T.O 2016 and recommendations from Croke Park Byelaws Review Group (see the amendments highlighted in red in the full list of Co Tipperary Byelaws and Regulations included in Co Convention Financial Booklet).' (Co Management Committee).

16. 'The following be added to our Co Bye Laws; After ten years of any County Championship or League trophy being in existence, the Co Management Committee will have the right to accept a new trophy for any particular competition dedicated to a different person. Any new trophy can only be perpetuated to people who served the association at county level (minimum).' (Tulach Sheasta).

17. 'Add to Rule 1.17 T.O. 2016... Playing Gear and Equipment; The Rule be amended to allow for a sponsors brand name and logo to be displayed on match officials jackets/tops/jersey's/gear bags as well as players.' (Tulach Sheasta).

18. 'Propose amendment to Rule 3.58 that reads; The Gaelic Players' Association is recognised as the official representative body for senior inter-county players. Be amended as follows; The GAA accepts the right of players to have an official voice as the most visible and active group in our Association. (a) The Gaelic Players' Association is recognized as the official representative body for senior inter-county players. (b) The Club Players' Association is recognised as the official representative body for club players at all grades eligible to play for adult teams.' (Gortnahoe Glengoole).

20. 'In the event of two teams meeting with the same colours we propose that both teams change jerseys.' (Clonoulty Rossmore

21. 'That all senior club football county semi finals and final be played in Semple Stadium from 2017 onwards.' (Kilsheelan-Kilcash).


Motions that Were Recommended

Four of the twenty three motions were recommended and the quartet dealt on club fixtures and the availability of players for club games. However Chairman Michael Burke refused to tie the hands of the CCC requesting the clubs who put the motions forward to accept a recommendation.

The four motions were

2. 'Championship games should not be played mid week during October & November because of players having to drive long journeys mid week when they are tired after a day's work.' (Aherlow).

3. 'Players should be fixed for a maximum of four championship games in 20 days in order to allow for adequate recovery.' (Aherlow).

5. 'All Inter County players should be released back to their clubs at a minimum of five days prior to any club championship match.' (Borris-Ileigh).

10. 'Propose amendment to Rule 6.22 inter county player availability to clubs. To amend clause D below which states; d) Players who are not included in an inter-County senior Panel of twenty-six players, shall be available to their Clubs on the weekends of national league and senior Championship games." Penalty in respect of breach of (d): A County shall forfeit Home venue for its next 'Home game' in the respective national league. Proposed Amendment to rule 6.22 Insert the following paragraph in Clause (D). Furthermore, any player that has not featured in a cumulative total of more than 30 minutes across three consecutive inter county competitive matches shall be granted the option, without prejudice, to make themselves fully available for their club's next competitive fixture to ensure adequate playing time.' (Gortnahoe Glengoole).


Motions Withdrawn

Four motions were withdrawn including one from Clonmel Og who proposed that Tipperary County Committee deal with all Juvenile grading appeals as per Riail 6.20. However the motion was not discussed as Chairman Michael Bourke ruled it out of order because the Clonmel Og Club did not discuss the motion at a Club AGM or a specially set up meeting dealing with the motion.


Ruled Out of Order

The one motion that drew passionate discussion but was later ruled out of order dealt with the decision by the Tipperary Minor Hurling selectors not to allow minor players to play inter-county minor hurling and inter county minor football with their county.

Motion 14 read as follows. 'Tipperary GAA endorses the GAA ethos as regards being a multi-sport organisation. It affirms that the Board's Officers, Officials, Committees, Sub-Committees and Agents facilitate and support playing members being afforded the opportunity to participate at all levels in the full range of Gaelic Games available to them, particularly in underage competition.' (Upperchurch Drombane).

Conor O'Dwyer proposed the motion. He said that players were been forced to forgo minor football with their county if they want to play minor hurling. Dual players were not allowed to play with the Minor hurling team in 2016 if they also wished to play minor football. This was wrong said Conor and added that young players were walking away from under-14 and under -15 development squads in football because of what happened this year.

O'Dwyer went on to suggest that, of the senior football team who reached this year's All-Ireland semi-final, 'a not insignificant number of them played minor hurling for Tipperary'.

David Power, who managed the Tipperary minor football team to an All-Ireland win in 2011, said it seems to be okay for young Tipp hurlers to play other codes like soccer or rugby, but not Gaelic football. Tipperary is one of the few counties that can actually achieve in both football and hurling,' added Power.

Joe Hannigan, Chairman of the Football Committe agreed with the Upperchurch motion. He said that Tipperary minor footballers lost to Cork by three points with the team short four of its players due to duel player problem.

But after a lengthy time discussing the motion, chairman Michael Bourke said he would have the motion ruled out of order. He said he had sought advice from Croke Park on the matter and decided it would be in breach of Official Guide rules. He said he would not tell managers who they must play and who they must pick and telling them they must have dual players.


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